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Constantine stuff! plus waxing philosophical, Bush-style!


First off, scenes from the comic based on the movie:

If that tongue scene is in the movie, I am going to spontaneously combust right in the theater. Gavin...doing that to Keanu Reeves...I might die. I still think Keanu is miscast, but what are you gonna do? :)

Go here: and click on VI after the mask thing comes up, and there is a short clip featuring Gavin.

Here: is the US trailer, minus Gavin.

And here:|1593&filmid=1076&sec=trailers&comingsoon=true is the international trailer, with Gavin.

You will probably have to copy and paste those.

I got those from the Hair Left Morning Wet board: It has basically replaced the official Bush board, which appears to have died. It's a great board, and a lot of people from the Official board are there. :)

Gavin is also in the February issues of Jane (Paris Hilton on the cover), In Style (Nicole Kidman), GQ (Jamie Foxx), and Maxim (Teri Hatcher). He is mentioned in the Rolling Stone with Gwen, but there are no pictures. It was great to buy all these magazines, it was almost like old times when Bush was everywhere. sigh.

I made this lame icon from , which I got from It is one of the pictures from In Style.

Wish me a happy Bush anniversary! I officially became a fan on January 26th, 1997, after hearing Sixteen Stone in its entirety for the first time. It was during the Super Bowl that year (I forget even who was playing!) and I was so engrossed in listening to my dad's cd that I had borrowed that I didn't watch the game. I was late coming into the band cause I heard "Everything Zen" and wasn't that impressed, (I even made fun of the video!) but my dad bought the cd and LOVED it, and pressured me to listen to it for a long time and I finally did, and was instantly hooked. It described so much of how I was feeling in my life at that time, so much about my life and thoughts, that I loved it instantly. I went out immediately and bought both cds for myself, and devoured every minute piece of information I could find, until I turned into the psycho fan I eventually became. God I miss the guys so much! I can't wait for Constantine even though it might suck, and I am so excited/nervous about Institute that I can barely stand it! :)

x-posted a bit. sorry for rambling. If anyone thinks this should be lj-cutted more, let me know.
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